Domestic Products



All of our garages are bespoke made to enable you to personalise as required. We hand made solution for whatever your needs maybe, whether it be to keep your car warm and dry or extra storage space.
Our workshops are sure to meet your demand whether it for a hobby, gym, workshop, or store.


Any shape or size, quality bespoke sheds and stores for you every storage need.


Boat houses

Specialist bespoke boat houses to accommodate all sizes of marine and freshwater accessories be it, on the coastline or in the boundary of private estates or fishing complex.

Garden Seats

Fancy a sit down in the garden on a warm summer day, then we can make any seat specifically designed to your likes.


Garden stores

Whether it be boots, toys, bin tidies we will make a quality store for your every need.


Our bespoke, fantastic, tailor made Summerhouses provide a great way to relax in your garden.
With more professionals choosing to work from home why not have an office in your garden our bespoke offices ensure a warm quiet space for you to get your job done eliminating travel between home and office.



Superb bespoke planters made to order

Log Stores

Custom made log stores produced to your exact specification, providing practical and attractive storage for all your firewood. Ensuring all your wood keeps nice and dry and wet wood seasons nicely over time.


Need something bespoke?